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Dietary facts on fats

Posted: Nov 03, 2013   |  Tags: food lectures

So, I watched a lecture by Katie Ferraro named: Dietary Fats: The Good the Bad and the Ugly. It left me with some big questions regarding my own food intake, and I am sure it won't leave you unimpressed too. Please take some time to watch it:

Here are some facts I wrote down:

  • Eat fish at least two times a week. If you don't, buy some fish oil. The point is to eat at least 500-1000mg of omega-3 EPA+DHA unsaturated fatty acid.

  • Don't eat more than 7 egss a week.

  • Cut out the saturated fat: red meat, cheeses of all kinds.

  • It's OK to use calcium and vitamin D supplements.

  • Remember the number 20, since 20g is absolute maximum of saturated fat you can take a day (eating none is okay too, but not all fat, only saturated one).

Also, at the end of the lecture she talks about Mediterranean diet and lifestyle in very positive way. I am starting to plan long-term changes based on these facts from it:

  • It's plant based with herbs and spices for flavour.

  • Limited red meat intake, focus on fish and poultry and include food from the sea.

  • Low on processed food, focus on fresh.

  • Moderate diary, meaning milk products such as cheeses.

  • Focus on good fats: olive oil, avocado, various nuts.

  • Moderate alcohol intake, up to 2 glasses a day for men, one for women.

  • Activity is the part of the lifestyle. Exercise half an hour a day, five days a week, instead.

  • Eat slowly, focus on the food. It'll be better digested and you'll enjoy more.

Update: Ferraro's lecture Dietary Fiber: The Most Important Nutrient? can be viewed here.

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