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The best of 2017: Longread Article

Posted: Jan 29, 2018   |  Tags: 2017 brexit

How the Brexit Referendum Was Won, by Dominic Cummings

This long article from Dominic Cummings, the coordinator of the Brexit campaign, was the best article I read in year 2017. It's really long, maybe I should call it a novella.

It's fascinating and very unique. Because here, the man behind the Brexit, goes very deeply into his motivation to join and lead the campaign, and describes tactics employeed to very minute detail. I don't know of any other similar document that goes to such depth, espeically regarding the tactics, at least nothing contemporary.

This is the most detailed and reveailing look into modern political campaing.

But, its uniqueness is not just in that. When people win political victory they always hide their tools and try to impose impression of political all-knowing competence, and that is wise to do. Or they hide how their reached the victory so their opponents can not steal their ideas, or use them to prepare counter attacks. But not here.

After reading this article I was reminded of an old quote from Otto von Bismarck how "politics is like sasuages, you don't watch any of them being made". But sure is very interesting to see how the world really works.

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